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Are you a producer of Web, WAP or other interactive systems? We can help you ensure usability by designing from the user's perspective, create and perform user studies. This will ensure that it supports the intended tasks and functionality so that your customers will choose and be satisfied with your product.

Do you order such products or services? We can help you make sure that usability issues are set in focus when when you order and develop the system. As we only work with human-machine interaction, we are able to help you pick the most usable system, which will fit most efficiently into your organization.

Usability is not only color and form, rather, the system and its functionality is impossible to separate from the physical surface. Thus, usability has to be an ongoing activity throughout the whole system development process.

Human-machine interaction is not a side activity for us. We concentrate all our efforts where our competencies lie. We design and evaluate your product based on extensive knowledge in human-machine interaction, cognitive theories and psychological methods.


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